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East Grinstead

Monday 26 Feb              Banners displayed on churches, Imberhorne,

                                          Sackville & St  Peter’s Schools;  

                                          Display in Library goes up.  Fairtrade Teddy Trail

                                          competition starts. St

                                          John’s Church, Felbridge, Fairtrade Tea. 2-4pm.

Tuesday 27 Feb              Greg Valerio to Imberhorne at 3.30.  Churches Together in

                                          EG 7pm at St

                                          Luke’s Church.  Fairtrade Gold – from Misery to Hope.

Wed 28 February

Thursday 1 March         Fairtrade West Sussex AGM in Chichester. 7pm for 7.30.

Friday 2 March              Women’s World Day of Prayer at St John’s Felbridge.

                                        10.30am and 8pm. Fairtrade stalls

Sat 3 March                   St John’s Felbridge, Fairtrade breakfast.

Sunday 4 March           St Mary’s Fairtrade Breakfast. 8.45-9.45.

Monday 5 March        

Tuesday 6 March         Fairtrade Big Brew at Mike & Tina Causton’s house,

                                       2 Stream Park, EG

Wed 7 March                Fairtrade Day St Peter’s School – breakfast, assembly,

                                        workshops and stall

Thurs 8 March       

Friday 9 March             Imberhorne Fairtrade Day

Saturday 10 March

Sunday 11 March        Coffee morning Our Lady & St Peters


Fairtrade Fortnight Events 2017  



Sackville – Tina and Mike were hoping to run Fairtrade stalls the first week of FF. Lessons.

Imberhorne – Fairtrade Day on Friday 10 March with lesson plans, Assemblies and stall.  Hoping the Mayor would come. Outreach sessions with local schools would take place in the Summer term.

St Peter’s – Fairtrade day on Thursday 9 March. Mayor booked. Fairtrade breakfast at 8am followed by Assembly, Workshops with Years 5/6, and a Fairtrade stall after school.  Barney Smyth from FF would be coming to help and would then go on to Lingfield Notre Dame Junior School.

St Mary’s – Anne encouraging the new Headteacher to get involved.

Others – Sue to follow up The Meads with Rhona Perry, Blackwell School and Crawley Down.


All churches would be flying Fairtrade banners and using bidding prayers at services.

St Mary’s – Fairtrade Breakfast on Sunday 5 March.

St Swithun’s Fairtrade Bake Off on Mon 20th Feb, 11am – 3pm in the Church Hall. This will be for school Years 6 – 10. Limited places as it involves baking so will offer it first to St S’s youngsters then open it up to others if room. Fairtrade coffee morning plus stall Saturday 4 March, St Peter’s Fairtrade Coffee morning on Sunday 5 March.

Women’s World Day of Prayer – Friday 3 March 10.30 and 8pm at OLSP. Service prepared by the women of the Philippines. Fairtrade refreshments and stall.



Soroptomists – Fairtrade evening on Wednesday 1 March at East Court 8-10pm.  A talk on India with Moyna Bridge followed by Eco and Fairtrade School update by Sue about St Peter’s, and by Imberhorne if they wish to come along.  Sue to do “food stall”, Moyna crafts and gifts, and Chris and Margaret, Fairtrade wine.

Greggs – made contact with local store Manager who was keen but not able yet to get commitment from Area Manager.

Causton Coffee day –date to be decided.

West Hoathley CubsSue to attend and do a Fairtrade Workshop on Wed 9 February. Ditto Ist EG Cubs on Tuesday 8 March.

West Hoathley Lunch Club – Sue had been to St Margaret’s lunch club to give a talk about Fairtrade.

Waitrose Green Token Schemeapplied for.

EG Library  - exhibition booked for Fairtrade Fortnight.

Fairtrade West Sussex AGM with Guest speaker, Greg Valerio MBE at 7pm on Thursday 9 March in Pulborough Village Hall. Raffle and Fairtrade stalls.


 East Grinstead is a Fairtrade Town, one of 500 towns, boroughs and villages, in the UK recognised by the Fairtrade Foundation. 
Fairtrade is about  
  • better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.
  • local communities supporting global communities by increasing understanding of how small actions add up to make a big difference to the lives of people thousands of miles away.
 By buying Fairtrade products in East Grinstead and supporting our activities you can bring about positive change and make a difference. Being a Fairtrade town boosts civic pride and offers an opportunity to act and celebrate together.  

Fairtrade East Grinstead, founded in 2005 as an East Grinstead Town Council initiative, has always operated independently. East Grinstead is recognised as a Fairtrade Town, a status conferred by the Fairtrade Foundation and which we hope will continue, assisted by our own activities. Our purpose is to raise local awareness of Fairtrade labelled products, encourage local shops, schools & businesses to sell these and/or to stock them for their own use and to represent the Fair Trade movement through local town fairs, and other community events. A good opportunity to showcase this is during the annual Fairtrade Fortnight each February – in 2013 this will be from 25 February to 10 March. 

To become a Fairtrade Town 5 Goals must be met
1.     Local Council supporting Fairtrade
2.     A range of Fairtrade products being available in retail outlets
3.     Local workplaces and community organisations supporting Fairtrade
4.     Media coverage and events to raise awareness and understanding of Fairtrade
5.     Existence of a local Fairtrade Steering Group to ensure the Fairtrade Town Campaign continues to develop and gain new support. 

What is the Fairtrade Mark 
So, what is Fairtrade and how does it differ from other ethical labels? Well, the Fairtrade Mark remains unique. While other schemes aim to ‘protect the environment’, Fairtrade’s focus is on helping third farmers and workers in the developing world improve the quality of their lives and take more control over their futures. It gives them stability of prices for their goods, which can fluctuate enormously on the world market, making life uncertain and often precarious. Fairtrade is the only certification scheme whose purpose is to tackle poverty and empower producers in developing countries. This delivers unique benefits to producers, businesses and consumers.

For most Fairtrade products, buyers must pay at least the Fairtrade minimum price or the market price if higher. Also, producer organisations are always paid a Fairtrade social premium, a mandatory amount above the cost of the goods.  Local farmers and producers decide how to spend this, agreed democratically within local communities for their benefit, not for company owners. Often invested in farm improvements, processing facilities and schools and medical centres; these can change whole communities. 
Where you can buy Fairtrade products in East rinstead? 
Supermarkets –               Aldis, Sainsburys, Waitrose and                                         Cooperative Stores in Forest Row and Lingfield

Other retail outlets          Boots, Holland & Barrett
Cafes                                Casablanca (Fairtrade tea)
                                         Greggs – coffee, tea, chocolate, and sugar
                                         New York – Fairtrade tea

                                         Welcome Café Trinity Methodist Church

Fairtrade Fortnight  25 February – 10 March 
Theme: Going Further for Fairtrade in 2013:    
Local Events  Fairtrade EG is one of three recipients of Waitrose’s Community Matters Green Token Scheme to raise money to promote Fairtrade goods and activities. 
Imberhorne School will be selling Fairtrade chocolate throughout the two weeks at both lower and upper school.  At lower school, all year groups do two lessons about Fairtrade - Fairtrade bananas (Y7), Fairtrade footballs (Y8), and Fairtrade chocolate (Y9). 
The Committee are also doing assemblies to Y7, 8 & 9 the first Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the Fortnight.  
Sackville School – Fairtrade games for Year 7 (200 students)and Cake Bake for Year 8. 
St Mary’s CE Church will be launched as a Fairtrade Church. 
St Peter’s School – Fairtrade Assemblies, lessons and attendance at Fairtrade afternoon with Deanery schools in Crawley Greggs the café and food outlet is holding a fun day. 
EG Wine Circle are holding a Fairtrade Wine Tasting event. Thanks to Waitrose for supplying the Wine Expert. 
Exhibition in East Grinstead Library Launch of Fairtrade EG website: www.fairtrade-eg.co.uk 
Soroptimists Fairtrade Coffee morning on Friday 1st March at 10.30  -  12.30  at Knights Farm, Crowhurst Road, Lingfield RH7 6DA (also raising money for The Tadpoles.
Supporters in East Grinstead 
  • East Grinstead Town Council
  • Churches Together in East Grinstead
  • Soroptimists International
  • Schools               Imberhorne Secondary School

                                   St Peter’s Catholic Primary School
School since July 2012)
                                   Sackville School 

  • Churches            Moat United Reformed Church

                                   Our Lady and St Peter’s Catholic Church
                                   St Mary the Virgin CE Church
                                   St John’s Church, Felbridge
                                   Trinity Methodist Church 
How I can support Fairtrade at home and at work?     

  • Choose Fairtrade products when you are shopping, such as Fairtrade tea, coffee, chocolate, sugar, cotton, flowers, wine, honey, bananas, cashew nuts, peanuts.
  • Fill vending machines with Fairtrade products
  • Provide Fairtrade products in the canteen
  • Arrange a petition to persuade your company to offer Fairtrade foods
  • Organise a poster or display for Fairtrade in the kitchen where you work and include an article promoting Fairtrade in your firm/organisation’s magazine
  • Tell your friends, family and colleagues about the benefits that buying Fairtrade products generates.  
Further information          www.fairtrade.org.uk
Fairtrade Group members 
    Sue Joy                          Convenor
    Jacqueline Beckford        Councillor, East Grinstead Town Council
Tina & Mike Causton       Fairtraders
    Shirley King                    East Grinstead Justice and Peace Group
Rob Langstone               Head of Science, Imberhorne School
    Valerie & Peter Russell    Fairtraders
Paul Street                     Assistant Head, Transition, Sackville School
    Margaret & Chris Vasey  Fairtraders   
Contact us 
Further information from Sue Joy, Convenor, Fairtrade East Grinstead.
Email: SusanJoy471@hotmail.com   Tel: 01342 315440

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