Fairtrade West Sussex

Working With West Sussex County Council

Being a Fairtrade county is a continuing process of promoting and supporting Fairtrade initiatives by making considered purchasing and procurement choices.

Some things West Sussex County Council are doing to support Fairtrade West Sussex include:

  • Serving Fairtrade tea and coffee within their organisation
  • Increasing the range of Fairtrade food used by them and partner organisations
  • The requirement for Fairtrade products to be used wherever possible, when crafting catering contract specifications
  • Using only Fairtrade bananas across the organisation and those contractors who provide services for the county council.
  • Delivering a range of exciting activities during Fairtrade Fortnight to further raise awareness amongst council departments and staff as well as West Sussex communities
  • Using their social media platforms to highlight Fairtrade amongst residents.

Visit the West Sussex County Council Website for more information about how they are promoting Fairtrade across the district.